Fifth Biennial Meeting of States 2014

PoA Implementation Kit

Brokering Control

Report of the Group of Governmental Experts established pursuant to General Assembly resolution 60/81 to consider further steps to enhance international cooperation in preventing, combating and eradicating illicit brokering in small arms and light weapons (A/62/163)

Chairpersons' Presentation for the First Committee (October 2007)
National Reports on the Programme of Action, including information on brokering controls where applicable
World Customs Organization
WCO SAFE customs capacity-building programme
Developing a Mechanism to Prevent Illicit Brokering in Small Arms and Light Weapons—Scope and Implications (UNIDIR, 2007)
Small Arms Survery 2004: Chapter 5. Targetting the Middle Men: Controlling Brokering Activities (Small Arms Survey, 2004)
Small Arms Survery 2001: Chapter3. Fueling the Flames: Brokers and Trasport Agents (Small Arms Survey, 2001)