Fifth Biennial Meeting of States 2014

PoA Implementation Kit

Brokering Control

  "Reviving the Coordinating Action on Small Arms (CASA)
is one of my priorities in the field of disarmament for 2008"
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

CASA is the small arms coordination mechanism within the UN. Applying the wealth of expertise of its members, CASA is able to frame the small arms issue in all its aspects, making use of development, crime, terrorism, human rights, gender, youth, health and humanitarian insights. Collaborative initiatives under CASA include fact-finding missions, capacity-building projects, workshops and technical assistance to support Member States in the implementation of the Programme of Action, the International Tracing Instrument and the UN Firearms Protocol. Recently, CASA has decided to embark upon developing international standards for small arms control just as the UN system has done with landmines (the International Mine Action Standards) and DD&R (IDDRS). UNODA is the designated focal point of CASA.

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