Fifth Biennial Meeting of States 2014

PoA Implementation Kit

Brokering Control

Projects Proposal
Date of Posting Project Title
01/01/14 Sierra Leone- Establishing National Practice for Marking andRecord-keeping
01/01/14 Sierra Leone- Construction/Rehabilitation of Military andPolice Stockpile Facilities (Phase I)
01/01/14 Destruction of Obsolete and Unserviceable SmallArms and Light Weapons
01/01/14 Sierra Leone- Procurement of Weapons Destruction Equipment
01/01/14 Ghana- Proposal to develop a model computerized arms Database System
01/01/14 Ghana- Technical Support for the Safe StockpileManagement of Small Arms and Light Weapons
27/08/12 Philippines- Strengthening the Marking, Record-keeping andTracing Capabilities of the Philippines in Managing the Transfers of Small Arms and Light We
27/08/12 Niger- Establishment of a Reliable ComputerizedDatabase of Civilian-Owned Arms
27/08/12 Namibia- Enhancing Central Control over Civilian andState-owned Small Arms
27/08/12 Mozambique- Small arms control programme
27/08/12 Rep. of Moldova- Development of a State-Register of Small Armsand Central Weapons Storage Facility
27/08/12 Mali- Participatory Small Arms Control: Collection–Temporary Storage–Destruction of Weapons inRegions (Phase I)
27/08/12 Maldives- Strengthening Maritime Security AgainstTrafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons
27/08/12 Malawi- Implementation of the Malawi National WorkPlan on Small Arms and Light Weapons
27/08/12 Kenya- Enhancing Security by Combating Small Arms(Phase I)
27/08/12 South Sudan- Physical Security & Stockpile Management(Phase I)
27/08/12 Trinidad and Tobago- Computerization of the National Registry ofSmall Arms and Light Weapons
27/08/12 Togo- Strengthening Control over Manufacture,Marking and Storage of Small Arms and LightWeapons
27/08/12 Albania- Enhancing Stockpile Administration of StateownedSmall Arms and Light Weapons
27/08/12 Burkina Faso- Together Against Small Arms
27/08/12 Burundi- Safeguarding National Stockpiles of Small Armsand Light Weapons
27/08/12 Dem. Rep. of the Congo - Enhancing the Security of Stockpile Facilities
27/08/12 Dem. Rep. of the Congo- National Programme for the Destruction ofIllicit SALW and Marking of State-ownedSALW (Phase III)
27/08/12 Grenada- Small Arms Control Programme
01/08/12 United Republic of Tanzania- Strengthening Local Capacity to Mark andRegister Small Arms
01/08/12 Iraq- Implementing the Iraq Strategic Plan on SmallArms and Light Weapons (Phase I)
01/08/12 Botswana- Computerization of the Central Firearms Registry
01/08/12 Cote d'Ivoire- Capacity-building on Small Arms and LightWeapons Collection and Destruction (Phase II)
01/06/12 Benin- Improvement of the Physical Security ofStockpile Facilities
01/11/10 Government of Malaysia Sub regional training in marking and tracing: Phase I - Cooperation among state training facilities in Southeast Asia
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