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: 30/12/2008
National Report
: 2008
: Mr. Panayiotis Papadopoulos
: ppapadopoulos@mfa.gov.cy

National laws, regulations and administrative procedures:

Ministerial Order 257/2005



National Marking Practices:

Cyprus is not a manufacturer of small arms and light weapons.

Marking at the time of import:

For future purchases, the manufacturer is requested to make all marks permanent and to include the country of manufacture, the manufacturer, the year of manufacture and the serial number.

Marking of SALW in the possession of government armed and security forces:

The National Guard is not in possession of the technical capacity and equipment to mark permanently the small arms and light weapons that are in its possession. All the weapons bought by the National Guard are marked with a serial number and the country of origin.

Measures against the removal or alteration of markings:


Accurate and comprehensive records for all marked SALW within their territory:

The Units of the National Guard have a General Arms Register, where all arms are registered and it is indicated where Sub Units are assigned. Sub Units have a Partial Arms Register where all their arms are registered as well as the names of the soldiers to whom the arms are given. According to Ministerial Order 257/2005, every exporter shall keep detailed registers or records of their exports. Such registers or records shall include, in particular, commercial documents such as invoices, manifests and transport and other dispatch documents sufficient to allow the following to be identified: (i) the description of the military equipment; (ii) the quantity of the military equipment; (iii) the name and address of the exporter and the consignee; (iv) the end use and the end-user of the military equipment. The registers or records and the documents shall be kept for at least 3 years from the end of the calendar year in which the export took place. The Competent Authority, upon request, may access these documents in order to ascertain compliance with the provisions of the Order.


Measures taken for undertaking traces and responding to tracing requests

Operational Informaton Exchange:

Needs and Request for Assistance::

Implementation challenges and opportunities: