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Syrian Arab Republic
: National Report on the implementation of the PoA, 2010 and 2008 
: 06/05/2011
National Report
: General Haydar Salma, Director of the Department of Weapons and Ammunition
: salmarhaidar@yahoo.com

National laws, regulations and administrative procedures:



National Marking Practices:

Marking at the time of import:

Marking of SALW in the possession of government armed and security forces:

Measures against the removal or alteration of markings:


Accurate and comprehensive records for all marked SALW within their territory:

Some provisions of that law were amended by Decision No. 86/N of 13 February 1977, which abolished permits for arms brokers, thereby confining arms brokering to the public sector, specifically, the General Organization for Trade and Distribution (GOTA) of the Ministry of Economy and Trade. That agency does not sell any weapon to any individual unless he presents a certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior. The agency records all particulars of the weapon and the buyer, including the origin, type, calibre and serial number of the weapon; the name and personal information of the buyer; and the number and date of the certificate. The agency then passes this information on to the licensing authorities at the Ministry of the Interior. The agency’s records and weapons inventory are subject to periodic surprise inspection by the Ministry of the Interior, and weapons import licences are subject to the Ministry’s approval. These measures ensure control of the import, possession, sale and stockpiling of such weapons, with a view to preventing any harm they might cause to society. The aforementioned Decision also includes all the other provisions contained in Law No. 403 of 1957.


Measures taken for undertaking traces and responding to tracing requests

Operational Informaton Exchange:

Needs and Request for Assistance::

Implementation challenges and opportunities: