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: National Report on the implementation of the PoA, 2010 
: 06/05/2011
National Report
: 2010

National laws, regulations and administrative procedures:



National Marking Practices:

Small arms and ammnuition manufactured at the state-owned Bangladesh Ordnance Factory are for the sole consumption of the defence forces and law enforcement agencies of the country. These weapons and ammunition bear unique permanent markings which identify the name of the manufacturer, country of manufacture and have a serial number.

Marking at the time of import:

Marking of SALW in the possession of government armed and security forces:

Measures against the removal or alteration of markings:


Accurate and comprehensive records for all marked SALW within their territory:


Measures taken for undertaking traces and responding to tracing requests

Operational Informaton Exchange:

Needs and Request for Assistance::
Cooperation from the UN with regards to training on tracing instrments would be very helpful for Banglaesh to estvalish an effective tracing mechanism for illegal arms recovered inside the country. Bangladesh also needs appropriate modern technology, instruments, machinery and equipment for arms checking, scanning and recovery. A detailed technical training programme is also needed for law enforcement personnel in how to use this modern technology.

Implementation challenges and opportunities: