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: Integral National Report on the Implementation of the ITI and the PoA, 2008 and 2010 
: 09/06/2010
National Report
: Section for Arms Control and Disarmament, Department for International Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
: mihaela.baric@mvpei.hr

National laws, regulations and administrative procedures:

Arms Act, 1 June 2007



National Marking Practices:

Small arms and light weapons manufactured in the Republic of Croatia are marked in accordance with the requirements referred to in Point 8 of the International Instrument providing that arms and weapons shall bear the name or mark of the manufacturer, country of origin, and the serial number. The only pistol manufacturer in Croatia also marks the model and calibre on each piece in addition to the aforementioned prescribed information. As regards the serial number, it is engraved in three different locations on a pistol i.e. on a stainless plate cast in the plastic of the handgrip, on the barrel and on the pistol slide. The marks required by the International Instrument are also provided on all other arms used by the Armed Forces, so as to facilitate their tracking i.e. database maintenance.

Marking at the time of import:

Marking of SALW in the possession of government armed and security forces:

Croatian MOD and Armed Forces are keeping records of SALW issued to each member of Armed Forces, containing all information necessary to uniquely identify item issued and person that has been issued a weapon. (National Report 2010)

Measures against the removal or alteration of markings:

The serial number of every pistol manufactured in the Republic of Croatia is engraved on a stainless plate cast in the plastic material of the handgrip. It is not possible to take out or replace the plate without breaking the grip. In addition, the depth of engraving on the barrel, grip and slide is such as to prevent unnoticed tampering with the serial number.


Accurate and comprehensive records for all marked SALW within their territory:

Control of keeping the required records, shall be carried out by police inspectors pursuant to Article 87 of the Arms Act


Measures taken for undertaking traces and responding to tracing requests

In 2006, U.S. Government donated to the Government of the Republic of Croatia a program for the control of the permit-based export and import, the "Tracker System" with the accompanying equipment and training for officers. Presently, the authorities in charge are being networked and officers are being trained for the process of issuing permits. System rollout is expected in 2008. It envisages the networking of the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Entrepreneurship, the Customs Authority, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, and the State Institute for Nuclear Safety.

Operational Informaton Exchange:

Needs and Request for Assistance::

Implementation challenges and opportunities: