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: National Report on the Implementation of the PoA 
: 15/07/2008
National Report
: Deputy Commander Yemane Gessessew, Chief Inspector of Police
: gessessew@yahoo.com

National laws, regulations and administrative procedures:

The national legisation on firearms that controls the acts of manufacture and transfer of SALW is obsolete and under the process of amendment. The criminal law penalises illegal manufacture. It is strictly prohibited to trade in SALW.



National Marking Practices:

Ethiopia is not a SALW manufacturer but in the future will put in place of system of marking using a unique combination of letters, symbols and code to indicate the name of the manufacturer, place/country of manufacture, date of manufacture, serial number, model number, calibre, etc.

Marking at the time of import:

Imported weapons must be properly marked with the logo of the manufacturer and the serial number. The sole import of firearms is by the Federal Government of Ethiopia to be used by the law enforcement agencies

Marking of SALW in the possession of government armed and security forces:

Measures against the removal or alteration of markings:


Accurate and comprehensive records for all marked SALW within their territory:


Measures taken for undertaking traces and responding to tracing requests

Operational Informaton Exchange:

Needs and Request for Assistance::

Implementation challenges and opportunities:

Ethiopian officials attended the Regional Arms Marking and Recordkeeping workshop held in Mombasa, Kenya from 31st March to 4th April 2008, organised by RECSA.