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Brokering Control

Undertaking effective measures in marking, record-keeping and tracing is vital for curbing the illicit trade and combating the diversion of small arms to unintended users. Although many weapons are marked when produced and some when imported, international cooperation in marking and tracing of small arms is in its infancy.

Box: International Tracing Instrument

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Box: Meetings
Recent meetings in relation to the ITI
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Outcome documents on the ITI
BMS4, 2010
BMS3, 2008

Box: Tools

A collection of expert background publications and practical implementation tools, from inside and outside of the United Nations.
Marking and record-keeping Tracing
The Method behind the Mark: A Review of Firearm Marking Technologies
(SAS, 2010)
Comparative Analysis of Post-Manufacture Marking Instruments and Practices for Small Arms and Light Weapons
(ISOP Canada - UNIDIR, 2009)
Marking and Tracing Small Arms and Light Weapons (BICC, 2008)
Marking and Tracing (SEESAC, 2006)
Revealing Provenance: Weapons Tracing during and after Conflict
(SAS, 2009)

National Implementation of the United Nations Small Arms Programme of Action and the International Tracing Instrument: An Analysis of Reporting in 2009–2010 (SAS, 2010)
Connecting the Dots: International Tracing Instrument (SAS, 2006)
Implementation kit

Box: Reported implementation by country

Specific measures undertaken by each State in the implementation of the International Tracing Instrument are excerpted from the submitted national reports and presented in country profiles. 
Box: National points of contact
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