What is this meeting about?

In the framework of the UN Programme of Action (PoA), this was a first meeting of its kind, bringing together experts on marking, record-keeping and cooperation on tracing of small arms. They discussed challenges and opportunities relating to the International Tracing Instrument (ITI).

Undertaking effective measures in marking, record-keeping and tracing is vital for curbing the illicit trade and combating the diversion of small arms to unintended users.

'Open-ended' signifies in the UN context that all Member States are invited to attend. There were thematic discussions, guided by discussion papers and presentations.

The meeting agreed to a procedural report. A detailed reflection of the discussions can be found in the Chair's summary.


Jim McLay

"A broad agreement is that the MGE should address a limited number of themes - focused on

practical implementation challenges; that it should involve interactive, technical discussions amongst experts; and that it should draw on a wide range of expertise, including from civil society and relevant international and regional organisations." 
Letter from the Chairperson
Report of the meeting

Chair's summary

Programme of work

Discussion papers

Substantive elements for the MGE meeting report
List of participants

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All countries have committed to report every 2 years on the ITI. The next reporting deadline is 31 December 2011.  
Reporting template
Previous national reports
Analysis of previous reports (SAS, 2011)




Existing tools to facilitate implementation of the International Tracing Instrument
Marking and Tracing Small Arms and Light Weapons (BICC, 2008)
Marking and Tracing (SEESAC, 2006)

  Many countries have indicated interest in improving their own capacity on small arms control. Their assistance needs often feature in their national reports. We offer here a compilation of such proposals. They include improving marking, record-keeping and tracing.

Countries ina position to do so, have committed to consider rendering assistance. This compilation helps them identify possible cooperation in time for the 2012 Review Conference.
Matching needs and resources: Assistance proposals from Member States submitted through their 2010 national reports under the Programme of Action


The United Nations is developing a set of international small arms control standards (ISACS) to provide guidance to policymakers and practitioners on a range of small arms control issues.

The draft modules on marking/record-keeping and on tracing are open for consultations. Although not a formal part of the meeting, experts are invited to comment on these drafts. They can do so online or at a side-event to the MGE.

Module on Marking and record-keeping
Module on Tracing
"Specific measures undertaken by each State in the implementation of the International Tracing Instrument are excerpted from the submitted national reports and presented in country profiles".

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