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A collection of expert background publications and practical implementation tools, from inside and outside of the United Nations.

Presentation on marking practices (Canada, 2011)
Presentation on national marking practices (Brazil, 2011)
The Method behind the Mark: A Review of Firearm Marking Technologies (SAS, 2010)
Comparative Analysis of Post-Manufacture Marking Instruments and Practices for Small Arms and Light Weapons (ISOP Canada – UNIDIR, 2009)
Marking and Tracing Small Arms and Light Weapons (BICC, 2008)
Marking and Tracing (SEESAC, 2006)

The Creation, Maintenance and Archiving of Firearm Records (Australia, 2011)
Presentation on record-keeping practices (Kenya, 2011)
Presentation on firearms records (Australia, 2011)
Presentation on cooperation in Tracing (INTERPOL, 2011)
(UNODC, 2011)
Revealing Provenance: Weapons Tracing During and After Conflict (SAS, 2009)
National Implementation of the United Nations Small Arms Programme of Action and the International Tracing Instrument: An Analysis of Reporting in 2009–2010 (SAS, 2010)
Connecting the Dots: International Tracing Instrument (SAS, 2006)
Model Law against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Their Parts and Components and Ammunition (UNODC, 2011)
Presentation on the Model Law to implement the United Nations
Protocol Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in
Firearms, Their Parts, Components and Ammunition (UNODC, 2011)
Presentation on national framework (ISS, 2011)
Small Arms and Light Weapons Legislation (UNDP, 2008)
SALW Controls and Transfer Legislation (SEESAC, 2006)
Legislative Guide for the Implementation of the Firearms Protocol 
(UNODC, 2004)

Presentation on international assistance and capacity-building (UNODA, 2011)
Matching needs and resources: Assistance proposals from Member States submitted through their 2010 national reports under the Programme of Action (UNODA, 2011)
PoA-ISS: international assistance


Implementing the International Tracing Instrument in the RECSA Region (RECSA, 2011)
ASEAN Political-Security Community Blueprint
[Reference to ITI]
ECOWAS Convention
Inter-American Convention (CIFTA)
Nairobi Protocol
OSCE Document on small arms
SADC Protocol
  • SADC Standard Operating Procedure     

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