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The UN Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons provides the framework for activities to counter the illicit trade in such arms.

UN Programme of Action
Full document (2001)
Regional Preparations for the 2012
Review Conference
supported by the European Union

Regional meeting on the PoA for Asian States (5-6 March 2012, Bali, Indonesia)
[Co-Chair's notes] [ASEAN+3
[SAARC member Countries]
Regional meeting on the PoA for Latin America and the Caribbean States (12-13 April 2012, Kingston, Jamaica) Chair's summary [E] [S]
Regional meeting on the PoA for States of subregions of Africa(14-15 August 2012, Nairobi, Kenya) Meeting summary [E]
League of Arab States
Addressing the Proliferation of Small Arms:  Instruments, Tools and Lessons Learned(10-11 June 2013, Cairo, Egypt)
Countries have committed to report every 2 years on the implementation of the PoA.

Submitted national reports
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Analysis of previous reports
2002 to 2008 (UNIDIR, 2009)
2009-10 (Small Arms Survey, 2010)
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National Points of Contact:
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General Assembly resolutions
Secretary-General’s report
Security Council Presidential Statement
PoA Review Conference Outcome Document
BMS outcome documents
Security Council
  Many countries have indicated interest in improving their own capacity on small arms control. Their assessment needs often feature in their national reports. We offer here a compilation of such proposals. This compilation helps potential donors identify possible cooperation in follow up to the 2012 Review Conference.
Matching needs and resources (2012-2014)

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