A demo version of the new online reporting template is now accessible for testing purposes. This new template aims to enhance the comparability of the reports and to improve their functions as a tool to articulate and communicate requests for assistance.

Many countries have indicated interest in improving their own capacity on small arms control. Their assessment needs often feature in their national reports. We offer here a compilation of such proposals. This compilation helps potential donors identify possible cooperation in follow up to the 2012 Review Conference.

UNIDIR has developed a practical tool, which helps States to diagnose assistance needs in detail. Also, it enables donors and organizations to share information on the assistance they are able to provide. User accounts will be created for State authorities upon request.

Information on national needs excerpted from past PoA national reports is available by country through this interactive map.

States, international/(sub)regional organizations and NGOs are encouraged to forward project proposals to be posted here. Potential donors are invited to address inquiries to the PoA-ISS.

Information on the projects and activities undertaken by the UN system is also available through this database.

Fifth Biennial Meeting of States 2014

PoA Implementation Kit

Brokering Control

Matching needs and resources

This section features various tools for States to identify, prioritize and communicate their needs and requests for assistance in the implementation of the UN Programme of Action.

Online Reporting Template for use in the reporting of the Programme of Action Assistance proposals from Member States submitted through their 2012 national reports: 2012-2014   Tool for Matching SALW Needs and Resources developed by UNIDIR



User accounts are created upon request:
World map: requests and needs for international assistance Project Proposals to be funded Projects and Activities implemented

  Date of Posting Project Title
  01/01/14 Sierra Leone- Establishing National Practice for Marking andRecord-keeping
  01/01/14 Sierra Leone- Construction/Rehabilitation of Military andPolice Stockpile Facilities (Phase I)
  01/01/14 Destruction of Obsolete and Unserviceable SmallArms and Light Weapons
  01/01/14 Sierra Leone- Procurement of Weapons Destruction Equipment
  01/01/14 Ghana- Proposal to develop a model computerized arms Database System
  01/01/14 Ghana- Technical Support for the Safe StockpileManagement of Small Arms and Light Weapons
  27/08/12 Philippines- Strengthening the Marking, Record-keeping andTracing Capabilities of the Philippines in Managing the Transfers of Small Arms and Light We
  27/08/12 Niger- Establishment of a Reliable ComputerizedDatabase of Civilian-Owned Arms
  27/08/12 Namibia- Enhancing Central Control over Civilian andState-owned Small Arms
  27/08/12 Mozambique- Small arms control programme
  27/08/12 Rep. of Moldova- Development of a State-Register of Small Armsand Central Weapons Storage Facility
  27/08/12 Mali- Participatory Small Arms Control: Collection–Temporary Storage–Destruction of Weapons inRegions (Phase I)
  27/08/12 Maldives- Strengthening Maritime Security AgainstTrafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons
  27/08/12 Malawi- Implementation of the Malawi National WorkPlan on Small Arms and Light Weapons
  27/08/12 Kenya- Enhancing Security by Combating Small Arms(Phase I)
  27/08/12 South Sudan- Physical Security & Stockpile Management(Phase I)
  27/08/12 Trinidad and Tobago- Computerization of the National Registry ofSmall Arms and Light Weapons
  27/08/12 Togo- Strengthening Control over Manufacture,Marking and Storage of Small Arms and LightWeapons
  27/08/12 Albania- Enhancing Stockpile Administration of StateownedSmall Arms and Light Weapons
  27/08/12 Burkina Faso- Together Against Small Arms
  27/08/12 Burundi- Safeguarding National Stockpiles of Small Armsand Light Weapons
  27/08/12 Dem. Rep. of the Congo - Enhancing the Security of Stockpile Facilities
  27/08/12 Dem. Rep. of the Congo- National Programme for the Destruction ofIllicit SALW and Marking of State-ownedSALW (Phase III)
  27/08/12 Grenada- Small Arms Control Programme
  01/08/12 United Republic of Tanzania- Strengthening Local Capacity to Mark andRegister Small Arms
  01/08/12 Iraq- Implementing the Iraq Strategic Plan on SmallArms and Light Weapons (Phase I)
  01/08/12 Botswana- Computerization of the Central Firearms Registry
  01/08/12 Cote d'Ivoire- Capacity-building on Small Arms and LightWeapons Collection and Destruction (Phase II)
  01/06/12 Benin- Improvement of the Physical Security ofStockpile Facilities
  01/11/10 Sub regional training in marking and tracing: Phase I - Cooperation among state training facilities in Southeast Asia



Period Project Title
22/06/09 - 28/02/10 Strengthening the implementation of the UN PoA at the regional level: Regional meetings as follow-up to the BMS3
23/02/09 - 31/12/09 Implementing practical disarmament measures in West Africa: Support to the ECOWAS Small Arms Unit and ECOWAS Small Arms Programme
01/02/09 - 01/12/10 Construction of new armouries in Bujumbura
01/02/09 - 31/12/09 Regulating SALW brokering in Africa
01/01/09 - 01/01/10 Enhancing international & regional cooperation to prevent, combat & eradicate illicit brokering in SALW in Asia and the Pacific
01/01/09 - 01/12/10 Armed Violence Prevention Programme (AVPP) Phase 2
01/01/09 - 31/05/09 Comparative Analysis of Post-Manufacture Marking Instruments and Practices for Small Arms and Light Weapons
01/01/09 - 31/12/10 Addressing Illicit Brokering Activities: Issues and Control
01/10/08 - 30/09/10 CASA Project on International Small Arms Controls Standards (ISACS)
01/07/08 - 01/07/08 Implementing the United Nations Programme of Action on SALW - Analysis of the Reports Submitted by States (2006-2008)
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