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Source/Developer : BICC (TRESA Project)
Title : Civil Society Action on SALW Control
Description : This module is intended to serve as a guideline for members of civil society and civil society organizations that want to become involved in small arms and light weapons (SALW) control. The objective of this module is to familiarize trainees with the SALW collection and destruction process and the different roles civil society organizations can play in SALW collection and destruction and related activities. Trainees will be instructed in how to evaluate and assess the impact of weapons collection and destruction programmes and the opportunities, benefits and risks of participating in them. The module may be adapted to train officials for municipal and provincial governments or legislators.
Date : 2005
Links : http://www.tresa-online.org
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- Civil Society/Community Leaders
- Civil Society/Local Populations
- Civil Society/NGOs
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Document (PDF File to be uploaded) 1_Civil Society Action on SALW Control TRAINEE.pdf

Document (PDF File to be uploaded) 2_Civil Society Action on SALW Control TRAINER.pdf

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