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Source/Developer : Saferworld/SEESAC (Media Training)
Title : Reporting on Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) - a Resource Pack for Journalists
Description : Saferworld and the South Eastern Euope Clearinghouse on small arms and light weapons (SEESAC) in association with the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) developed a resource pack, to equip journalists with the tools necessary to effectively cover arms issues, in light of the key role the media can play in both researching arms issues and in holding governments to account, without being inflammatory. Saferworld has undertaken regional and national training workshops in a number of countries in South Eastern Europe, and is developing plans for training in other programme regions.The Resource Pack is a collection of eleven handouts covering all aspects of the small arms problem including a technical overview of small arms, the challenges and risks involved in reporting on small arms and developing methods for investigative reporting techniques.
Date : 2004
Links : http://www.saferworld.org.uk
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- Civil Society/Media
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Document (PDF File to be uploaded) Resource pack for journalists.pdf

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