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Source/Developer : BICC (TRESA Project)
Title : Management of Weapons and Ammunition Destruction Programs
Description : This training module aims at providing guidelines to build the capacity of program managers or future program managers working on SALW and/or ammunition destruction issues. The main focus of this module is on the destruction phase of the weapons and ammunition programs, which can be the final stage in any successful SALW control or surplus reduction program. The module provides training on administrative, planning, and other related support to the technical undertaking of destruction, background knowledge on problems and difficulties and information on safety and security issues, it is not intended as training material for becoming a technical specialist.
Date : 2006
Links : http://www.tresa-online.org
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- Government Officials/Law Enforcement Officials/Police
- Government Officials/Law Enforcement Officials/Defence
Experts/Field practitioners
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Document (PDF File to be uploaded) 1_Management of Small Arms & Ammunition Destruction TRAINEE.pdf

Document (PDF File to be uploaded) 2_Management of Small Arms & Ammunition Destruction TRAINER.pdf

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