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Source/Developer : SaferAfrica
Title : Creating a Training Module on SALW
Description : The objective of this training module is to assist those who wish to commence training processes to mobilize regional action at government and civil society level by providing basic structures for regional training courses. The module uses the example of the Nairobi Declaration process to lay out training curricula for managers and practitioners and for civil society. Each curriculum lays out the outline of various modules on different aspects of SALW control from which users can generate fully-fledged training courses.
Date : 2003
Links : http://www.saferafrica.org
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Target user :
- Government Officials/National Point of Contact (NPC)
- Government Officials/National Coordination Body (NCB)
- Government Officials/Law Enforcement Officials/Police
- Government Officials/Law Enforcement Officials/Defence
- Government Officials/Law Enforcement Officials/Customs/Border control
Experts/Field practitioners
- Civil Society/NGOs
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Document (PDF File to be uploaded) Creating Training Module on SALW.pdf

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