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Source/Developer : BICC (TRESA Project)
Title : SALW and Development
Description : This module aims to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills required to recognize the links between SALW, armed violence, and development. It also emphasizes the value of tackling SALW/Armed violence for development programming and vice-versa. The sections of this module draw upon Owen Greene’s "How is SALW control a development issue?", Background Paper for Wilton Park Conference on Integrating SALW Controls into Development Programmes, 14 – 17 April 2003
Date : 2006
Links : http://www.tresa-online.org
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Experts/Field practitioners
- Civil Society/Community Leaders
- Civil Society/NGOs
Availability of separate versions for trainers and trainees
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Document (PDF File to be uploaded) 1_SALW and Development TRAINEE.pdf

Document (PDF File to be uploaded) 2_SALW & Development TRAINER.pdf

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