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Source/Developer : BICC (TRESA Project)
Title : Basic Principles of Field Research on Small Arms Action
Description : This Training Module on SALW Field Research is intended for people interested in conducting research on small arms and light weapons. It is meant to be as exhaustive as possible on the methods and approaches (including preparation, data, research techniques, writing up) currently used in small arms research. Specific research areas focused on are production, stockpiles, transfers, attitudes, effects and measures. This Module was written by Anna Khakee at the Small Arms Survey and has borrowed from several research guides already published by the Small Arms Survey whenever appropriate
Date : 2004
Links : http://www.tresa-online.org
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Experts/Field practitioners
- Civil Society/NGOs
- Civil Society/Researchers
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Document (PDF File to be uploaded) 1_Basic Principles of Field Research TRAINEE.pdf

Document (PDF File to be uploaded) 2_Basic Principles of Field Research in Small Arms Action TR.pdf

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