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Source/Developer : UNIDIR
Title : Combating the Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons in West Africa: Handbook for the Training of Armed and Security Forces
Description : UNIDIR has established a close and long-term collaboration with ECOWAS and PCASED (Programme for Coordination and Assistance for Security and Development) and published this handbook jointly with those two institutions. Written by local experts (mostly armed or security force officials or civilians working with defence or security establishments), based and working in West Africa, the Handbook sets out a convenient framework from which the training of West African armed and security forces can be conducted. It substance is drawn from various local experiences with arms control and arms regulation and from the general principles of constitutional, humanitarian and human rights law.
Date : 2005
Links : http://www.unidir.ch/bdd/fiche-ouvrage.php?ref_ouvrage=92-9045-171-8-en
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- Government Officials/Law Enforcement Officials/Police
- Government Officials/Law Enforcement Officials/Defence
- Government Officials/Law Enforcement Officials/Customs/Border control
Experts/Field practitioners
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