Fifth Biennial Meeting of States 2014

PoA Implementation Kit

Brokering Control


Uniting PoA Stakeholders:
Small Arms Advisory Network as inter-active online community

States agreed to designate a National Point of Contact (NPC) for the PoA, and one on the specific issue of tracing small arms. Moreover, the 2007 Expert Group report on illicit brokering recommended States establish a contact point on brokering controls.

To catalyze the combined expertise of NPCs, they should be linked in a global network. With already some 400 registered users comprised of NPCs and UN staff based in country and field offices, as well as staff of other international and regional organizations, the Small Arms Advisory Network (the "Network") will be the first online community to instantly exchange information, advice, expertise and experiences directly related to the implementation of the PoA.

Added is a Bulletin Board (the "Board"), where users can post relevant inquiries, replies, messages, and documents. An automated mailing system enables real-time information sharing among users.


Small Arms Advisory Network



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