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UN Register of Conventional Arms as an Instrument to Control International Transfers of SALW

The United Nations Register of Conventional Arms
is a commonly agreed instrument aimed at enhancing mutual confidence through establishing transparency with respect to export and import of conventional arms. It has been also regarded as an appropriate tool for strengthening regional and international peace and security, preventing excessive and destabilizing accumulation of arms.
To date, the Register also remains the only global UN instrument that covers export and import of conventional arms including small arms and light weapons (SALW). The possibility of reporting transfers of small arms through the Register makes it a useful tool also for the purposes of the UN “Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms Light Weapons in All Its Aspects”. 
Reporting transfers of SALW to United Nations Register of Conventional Arms

Reporting on SALW 2004-2010

      Transparency in Armaments: Fact Sheet 2012