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Pablo Macedo,

Chairperson for the BMS4

"All over the world, small arms in the wrong hands destroy lives and livelihoods, impede peace efforts, hinder humanitarian aid, facilitate the illicit trade in narcotics and obstruct investment in people. The Programme of Action is a globally shared responsibility to increase security and foster development for all. I am committed to work with all States and regions to achieve a substantive outcome of its upcoming biennial meeting."
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to Member States
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On 14-18 June 2010, representatives of all UN Member States will come together in New York to consider implementation of the 2001 Programme of Action on the illicit trade in small arms.

This Fourth Biennial Meeting of States (“BMS4”), will be chaired by Ambassador Pablo Macedo from Mexico.

The meeting will include a segment on the International Tracing Instrument, a separate document agreed to by Member States in 2005 on the marking and tracing of small arms.

It is expected that BMS4 will be open for NGO participation and press coverage, just as earlier meetings under the Programme of Action.

Secretary-General’s assessment of the Programme of Action
General Assembly resolution which mandates BMS4


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Programme of Action Implementation Support System: PoA-ISS

Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon
“Crucially, governments must be able to exercise legitimate authority and provide safety, security and development to their citizens. If they do not, their citizens may seek to guarantee their security through alternative forms of self-protection, retributive justice or resort to armed violence. As long as the human security of affected populations remains unanswered, both in terms of personal and socio-economic security, the negative impact of small arms will continue to exist.” (S/2008/258)
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